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Laboratory Equipment Repair Chantilly

Finding a trusted company to handle laboratory equipment repair is not something you want to do at the last minute. Instead, you should already know who you will call in the event of an equipment maulfuction or failure. At Diversified Laboratory Repair, you will not only find factory-trained technicians who can work on any brand or type of laboratory equipment, but who also understanding the importance of customer service. Diversified Laboratory Repair provides preventive maintenance, new installation, service and repair in Chantilly, Sterling and Richmond, Virginia, as well as in Maryland and Washington DC.

Laboratory Equipment Repair: Types of Equipment Serviced

As you might imagine, there are many types of equipment used in a laboratory setting. Each one performs a specific role and is necessary to the successful completion of research, protocols, diagnosis or other tasks. Diversified Laboratory Repair is ready to repair your laboratory equipment, including:

  • Blood bank, plasma and other laboratory freezers
  • Temperature, thermal shock and environmental chambers
  • Incubators
  • Shakers, stirrers and stills

Many of these pieces of laboratory equipment perform a very specific task and the technician that works on them needs to have specific training. That’s why Diversified Laboratory Repair ensures that all of their technicians are trained properly.

It’s the Service Technicians that Make the Difference!

Each of the technicians working for Diversified Laboratory Repair has quite the resume. Not only so they have  hours of training from manufacturers and factories that produced the laboratory equipment units, they are certified by the EPA  to work with refrigerant. They have received GDP and GMP training. Additionally, each technician understands the urgency behind every laboratory equipment repair call.

Call Diversified Laboratory Repair Today!

When you need exceptionally trained technicians with a great understanding of all types of lab equipment, call Diversified Laboratory Repair in Chantilly, Sterling and Richmond, Virginia at 301-519-2191. They will provide the first-rate laboratory equipment repair service you need to keep your operation running smoothly.